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Ivy Rose Crystals & Astrology

Ivy Rose Crystals & Astrology

Helping you to align your passion with your purpose

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Your year ahead- Client check in (previous clients only) - $150
This consultation is to take a look into your chart and see what you might be experiencing right now based off the current and future transits and to answer any questions you may have (You will provide these before your appointment)

Who is this for?
-This reading is perfect for those who might be experiencing any challenges at the moment or facing any issues
-For those that would love to know what the next 12 months has install for them and where they might need to focus their attention
-For those who want to plan their year armed with the insight to help them succeed
Child's Birth Chart Reading (40 mins per child) - $60
Who is this for?
This booking is to help provide a better insight into your child's skills, karmas, education potential and emotional and social personalities. I can do readings for as young as newborns. With these readings, it's important to understand that your child still has free will and will grow and change based on their environment and choices made. This reading is intended as a a guidance only for you as a parent to help better understand your child and help them to navigate the world around them based on their strengths and potential weaknesses.
60 Min Birth Chart Consultation - $150
This is a similar consultation as the Full Birth Chart Reading, without going into the house by house information. In this reading I take a look at your Rising, Moon and Sun signs as well as look at what planetary period you are running, as these factors help explain your personality traits, emotional behaviors and soul purpose. I will also go over anything that stands out in particular within your chart.
You will be prompted to provide me with 2-3 questions on what you would like me to specifically focus on eg family. health, relationship, career, education etc. All readings are recorded via Zoom and emailed out.
Full Birth Chart Analysis- New Client Reading - $250
This comprehensive reading is to connect you to your life purpose and find a deeper understanding for who you are and why you do the things you do.
This reading will help shed light on any innate gifts or skills you have to share with the world as well as provide information on how people see you, how your mind and emotions play a part in your life and what your soul purpose is in this lifetime.

Who is this for?
-This reading is ideal for first time clients who are searching for a way to make sense of who they are and what is their purpose in life.

What this reading is not:
-This is not a psychic reading- This is a Vedic Astrology reading of your birth chart. The planets and constellations at your time of birth all play a large role in mapping out your life's karmas.
-This will not answer all your questions and solve all your problems- This reading is to guide you to have a deeper understanding of who you are, what you are here for, and to help you understand your potential, your strengths and weaknesses and to help guide you to make decisions based on all of the above.
Advice on Career- Strengths & Skills - $120
This reading helps provide insight into what career choice would be best suited to your personality and skill set or if higher education could be a path for you to choose.
This is the perfect reading to help you to discover your potential within a career/professional setting
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